I hate that unproductive feeling.

I haven’t added a stitch to my dress (which would probably be FINISHED in an hour of work) or my quilt (it’s a movie-watching endeavor) nor have I cooked anything (overrun with leftovers from an event last weekend) or taken any pictures in the past week.

I’m sure I’ve done things. I know I’ve done things – like three loads of laundry, which are sitting on my bed right now…nearly an hour past my bedtime (how did that happen?)…waiting to be put away. I also read that absurdly long graphic novel, and spent time processing it. My delightful community group met last night, and we have grown by two! Tonight was one of those planning meetings which always gets my brain fired up, but it was bittersweet for reasons I won’t share in public.

And that’s really what’s going on. This has been an amazingly productive time in my life, but I’m not able to talk about most of it here, though I wish I had a space to share. And, really, I wish I had MORE to share – more output, more ideas, more plans – which is one reason I’m just keeping my mouth shut. I love the Dramatic Reveal.

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