10 books finished in 2011

10 books finished in 2011

This was my first graphic novel.  When a friend loaned it to me, I asked him what type of experience I should brace myself for – does the story take place inside your head like a book or is it something you view from a safe distance like a movie.  He said, “That’s a good question, we should discuss that at our next Reader Guild meeting.”

Of course, after reading the book and having approximately eight billion emotive thoughts and thoughtful emotions (my wires are crossed), I realized that I have something else scheduled the night of the Reader Guild!  So, all processing shall take place right here.

This is what it felt like: ripping open someone’s brain and/or heart and taking up residency inside.  It was so intimate, it felt invasive.  There were many moments that made me feel like a voyeur, alternatively thinking, “these are moments you only share with your lover,” and “these are memories you only share with your therapist.”

That’s as far as I can go for now.  I have another graphic novel to read – it’ll probably be next on my queue – and hopefully that can help me suss out* a few more of my responses about this book in particular.

*This weekend, I attended a conference with some British speakers, and that’s my new favorite phrase.

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