Hello, February!

I am so pleased to meet you, and curious to discover what you bring to my life.

(Oh pssh!  Don’t be angry.  You know I like you, even though it took me this long to introduce myself.)

You bring The Very Early Promise of Spring!  Those little hints of buds on every tree, proof that, even though the air is bitter cold and the ground might be frosty, you know down in your roots that it will soon thaw.  I LOVE THAT SO MUCH!  Thank you for representing the ways that reality doesn’t always match up with our perceptions.  And thank you for knowing, every year, that spring is coming.  There are years when I doubt that.

hold on

Taken the TENTH of February, 2010!

Also, I like those conversation hearts, and you are the only month that brings those into my life.  Thanks for that.

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