I want to talk about something other than books!

Like how I just finished watching Blue Crush online and am tempted to start it over again?

Or how I am attempting to finish sewing a dress today, and have hit all the highs and lows of sewing garments.
-Attaching the skirt to the top, and finally being able to try it on.  Ish.  HIGH!
-Realizing that the looseness of the top isn’t remedied by the weight of the skirt, and I will have to deconstruct the armholes in order to make some alterations?  LOW!
-Deconstructing a stupid armhole, and putting it back together.  Doing it The Right Way instead of The Lazy Way, and still having it look a bit bunchy when I’m finished?  SO LOW!
-Realizing that I could have probably made the whole dress a size smaller?  Annoying, given that I always double-check my measurements before cutting, but nothing I didn’t expect.
-Putting in the zipper!  Trying on the nearly finished dress!  Saying to myself, “I could wear this in public!”  HIGH!
-Walking around with my hands in the pockets.  Pockets!  HIGH!
-Looking at the zipper once more, being totally irritated by how crooked it is and how sloppy the finishing is at the neckline, realizing that it would drive me crazy Every Single Time I wear it.  LOW!
-Ripping out the zipper.  BOO!
-Stitching it back in by hand.  Tedious, but adds to the general sense of smugness one gets from making a garment of their own.

Which brings me back to Blue Crush.  What other movie should I watch, that is entertaining enough to keep me smiling for the next few hours, yet dumb enough that it won’t distract me from all the fussy stitching?

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