how to miss well?

A married couple in my small group will only see each other on weekends for the next few months, as the wife is off at the police academy.  (I know.  Yes.  She is awesome!)  Their prayer request for this time is that they can miss each other well.

This is beautiful, and challenging, in so many ways.

Our first instinct would probably be to wish that the time passes quickly, or that they can keep busy – and distracted – enough that they don’t feel the burden of the distance.  But they have realized that if they don’t feel that lack in their lives during the week, they’ll spend every weekend re-learning how to be together.

On the other hand, they’re not aiming to wallow in this loss, to spend every day crying bitter tears over their present circumstances, or to live for each weekend when they’re reunited.  They’re both focusing on doing their jobs well during the week, and utilizing the time that they would otherwise be spending together.

Any of y’all who know me probably already get where this is going.  As a single woman (who hopes to be married and have a family one day), this is a balance I aim to find.  How do I acknowledge this longing – and cultivate this motivational feeling of lack – without allowing it to turn to distraction or bitterness?  How do utilize this time while I’m still single – when I still have the opportunity to be selfish with my time and make decisions independently – without burrowing my head in the sand?

Those are the questions I have today.  It’s taken me a long time to find those.  And, of course, others have considered them.  (If you want some attempt at closure, you should go find out what they think.)

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