life lessons from Francie Nolan

Francie felt sorry for Flossie.  She never gave up hope no matter how many times she lost out with Frank.  Flossie was always running after men and they were always running away from her.  Francie’s Aunt Sissy ran after men, too.  But somehow they ran to meet her halfway.

The difference was that Flossie Gaddis was starved about men and Sissy was healthily hungry about them.  And what a difference that made.

Not being eleven anymore, I have a hard time believing that Francie could be so insightful at that age.  I’d love to be challenged in that.

Also, as time passes and I’m reflecting on the book as a whole, my opinion of it keeps increasing.  It will probably be added to my Second Read pile – and this time I’ll keep a pen handy and mark up the margins!

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