Greetings from The Future!

This is the type of blog post that you’d expect your mother to write.  If she had a blog.  Which, if she did, she’d probably also be rolling her eyes at me right now.  Because, since I’m generationally on the front half of the technology curve, and since I’ve known about skype – and had an account – for nearly a decade, it’s understandably strange to think I’m late to the game, but OMG I JUST HAD MY FIRST INTERCONTINENTAL SKYPE VIDEO CHAT!  AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE!

Did you know that, when it’s 3am here, it’s 9am in Rome?  And that means that my dear friend Amy is getting ready for her day, the sun shining in her bedroom with blue walls that might be the same color as mine, which I was able to consider many times over as we sat, face-to-face(ish) and shared stories of our lives.

I’m guessing this is a shared experience, in the 21st century – perhaps some of you will have to think back many years – the first time using video chat when you realize that, though it doesn’t truly compare with sitting down with someone, touching their arm, sharing your food, and resting in the moments of silence, IT IS STILL A BIT MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME!

Oh, and I considered taking a screenshot while it was happening, to commemorate the epic moment, but I don’t know how to do that on this computer.  Which is another thing your mother might say, isn’t it?

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