infinite yes

I can’t remember which Malcolm Gladwell book read last year – maybe it was Blink
– but he told a story about comedy, particularly improv, being based on the concept that you can never say no to a suggestion, no matter how absurd.  You want me to pretend I’m giving birth to a watermelon while on a tour of the Vatican with a guy I just met who can only speak words that rhyme with “boat?”  That’s not impossible!  That’s comedy!

This idea has honestly helped me to appreciate comedy more.  Now that I realize that the whole point is to suspend your disbelief and just run with the gag, no matter how far it takes you – that taking it to the extreme is only going to increase the value of the joke in the long run – I can let go of all concepts of reality and just laugh.

I think creativity works in a similar way.  I think it feeds upon itself and grows larger and larger, and the only thing that can stifle it is a no.

What I’m really saying is that this year is going to be full of much more yes.

One thought on “infinite yes

  1. I took “Acting for Non-Majors” when I was at the Academy and that was one of the improv rules they taught us. It made the class really fun!

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