3 books finished in 2011

3 books finished in 2011
StrengthsFinder 2.0

I’ll be honest – the “book” portion of this is mainly useless. The first portion, before they tell you to take the test, is basically an infomercial sales pitch for the test itself – which, since I am already reading the book, is sort of dumb, StrengthsFinder, because you already have my attention.

And then there is a page that says, “Go online and take the test!” The website is a bit clunky. They are trying to sell a lot of stuff. Their instructions for how to create an account, how to enter your access code, and how to actually take the test, are over-complicated.

The second half of the book is essentially a hard copy repeat of all the reports you can access online after taking the test. So, in sum, the book is a fancy way for them to present the test to people who are…afraid of the internet? It’s a good thing I took a friend’s advice and bought it for half price on Amazon instead of at a bookstore.

The test itself was great. When my roommate took it and told me, “I think you’re woo!” I was pretty much sold. (It doesn’t take much.) I really enjoyed the recaps of each of my five strengths, and they have a lot of action plans related to each one – I look forward to putting them to use.

But, as a book, it was fairly lame. I had to say it.

2 thoughts on “3 books finished in 2011

  1. I love taking personality tests like that! I highly suspect I would not get “woo!” but that’s OK; the world needs non-woo-girls too.

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