open the floodgates

Now that Christmas has passed, my houseguests are gone, and I’ve cleaned up the house which wasn’t mine, I am finally free to sit and reflect on 2010, and to figure out what’s happening next.

Of course, I’m sitting in the midst of what appears to be a disaster area in my living room, with the overflow of items from my bedroom waiting for a freshly-organized home, with a collection of craft projects in various stages of progress, with Christmas gifts (some received, some still waiting to be given) piled around, and with some paper chains waiting to be repurposed.

And that’s just the physical mess.  Mentally, I’m still partially on vacation, wondering whether I should start yet another season of Friday Night Lights, mentally-processing a documentary I chose to watch instead, and taking deep calming breaths before an unexpected coffee date.


2011 is going to be transitional.  That’s a conscious decision I made halfway through 2010, realizing that a year of emotional growth and increased dreaming is logically going to be followed by a year of acting on some of those dreams.  Of course, this also means 2011 is going to be SCARY, and that I am going to fail.  A lot.

So, baby steps.  What are the baby steps?

-I’m going to devote my social time to networking in a few specific areas.

-I’m going to talk about my dreams to more people, and listen to their feedback.

-I’m going to ask a lot of people to work with me, or to think with me, and to refer me to others who can do the same.  (And I’m going to follow up on those referrals.)

-I’m going to be patient with myself, and enjoy the process.

That’s a good start.  Of course, now that the list-making portion of my brain has been activated, it will probably keep me up at night.  Good thing we’re expected to stay up past midnight tomorrow!

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