and now we laugh at me

The first email I saw this morning was from a wonderful friend, commenting on yesterday’s post, how great it is that I’m not editing myself, and by the way did I notice there was a spelling error?

To which I responded, “OMG A SPELLING ERROR!?” And corrected it immediately.

On the off-chance that one of y’all saw that, or you noticed on an RSS feed that I actually published two versions of the post (the photo was the wrong size/placement at first), and you were tempted to point your finger at me and laugh, I am beating you to it.

Which bring back an awesome conversation I had with my roommate last night about showing ourselves grace, and how we both want to learn how to do that better. And yet, it’s such a confusing place, to be wanting to give yourself room to fail, and yet failing to do so. Just thinking about it makes my head spin a bit, so I’m not even sure I’m communicating clearly, but isn’t that the whole point of this endeavor? To throw my thoughts out and hope that some of them stick?

Did they?

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