paying attention

Since December always seems to pass in an instant, I want to be more intentional with my days. I want to mark the passing of each one, or pause and notice. Or something.

Of course, this would have been a good plan to form before the month was upon me. But, alas, I often lack foresight.

It appears that I’m going to attempt to blog every day in December, since this is where I’m making the declaration. I should warn you that, in order for this to not suck up all my time and cause crippling anxiety, I’m going to be lowering the blogging bar SIGNIFICANTLY – no waiting for fully-formed thoughts, mulling things over and over, no edits and re-edits. Basically, it’s MASS HYSTERIA over here!

Let’s hope we survive.


3 thoughts on “paying attention

  1. Maggie, I do so enjoy your blog. Remember – the most personal things are the most universal. I can’t take credit for the quote, but it’s true.

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