no time to write them down

I am shocked that August is here already.  It seems like every year passes faster than the one before.

I want to sit down and make a list of all I’ve read, all I’ve made, all I’ve discovered, all the ways I’ve grown in 2010.  Perhaps I should have been working on that list all along, because I can’t imagine finding the time to remember it all.

Hopefully I will find the time.  I’m searching for the time to do many things right now.  I’m constantly simplifying and clarifying my life and my goals, while at the same time acquiring new dreams and hopes and wishes (or perhaps finally acknowledging what’s always been there).  This year might not lend itself to lists, but I’m confident that Things Are Happening.

2 thoughts on “no time to write them down

  1. I had the same problem and had to start documenting them as I went or I’d never find the time to go back or, more likely, would forget. I hope you find some time to reflect and remember :)

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