music memories: Usher

This song: My Way (wiki)

Makes me think of this:  Being a teenager in the suburbs.  Driving around town in my little turquoise hatchback, with his whole My Way album (wiki) in the TAPE! DECK!  Rolling down the windows and dancing and singing and pretending like I am so tough and sexy and grown-up, when in fact I am none of these things.

It also makes me think of: A Clockwork Orange.  Usher’s music video heavily referenced the Kubrick film (wiki), and I remember taking the book (wiki) to the beach with me.  I don’t remember understanding or enjoying the book, or the film (which I’m sure I forced myself to watch after finishing the book), but I do remember thinking, as I’m laying on the beach in my finally-comfortable-in-my-body bikini reading this classic dystopian novel, “I AM SUCH A CATCH!  SOME INTELLIGENT YET HOT GUY IS GOING TO NOTICE ME AND MY BOOK AND WE WILL HAVE A SUMMER ROMANCE!”

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