when definitions change

How would you define yourself?

(Potentially deep question, I know.  Sorry to startle you.)

This could go in so many directions, and start at so many points, but since it’s the middle of the night and my brain is whirring and I have a whole mug of chamomile tea to drink, let’s see where the rambling takes us.

I have never considered myself to be an artist.

My brother was The Artist in the family – he is the one who drew on every available surface (including his bedroom walls – I hope we have pictures of those murals), took every elective art class in grade school, and now has a degree in Fine Art and creates crazy conceptual things which I might never understand.

But I am capturing images of beauty nearly every day.  In the next month I’m going to be setting up a booth at a local fair to sell my photography to strangers and also participating in a Progressive Art Show.   And in the coming year, I’m already scheduled to shoot seven weddings.  I’m no longer allowed to say, “I’m not an artist!”  That definition has changed, whether I’m comfortable with it or not.

In other areas of life, I’m discovering more definitions that are problematic.

“I’m not someone who gets asked out on dates.”  While fairly accurate historically, that definition is 1) emotionally crippling, and 2) has led me to build a lot of walls that have probably prevented me from being approached by men-of-interest.  And though I can fantasize about the man who is Strong Enough to break through those walls, it’s irresponsible and immature to stay stagnant in this area.  That definition needs to change, whether I’m comfortable with it or not.  Those walls, I’m discovering, are incredibly complex, and many of the stones are heavy (some of them, thankfully, were made of the sort of things that disappear immediately upon examination), but it turns out I already know One who is Strong Enough to break through walls.*

*I’m talking about God.

So, how do you define yourself?  Do any of those definitions need to change?

2 thoughts on “when definitions change

  1. I might be obsessed with your blog. such thought provoking questions and ideas. go, Maggie! keep writing!

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