the low and the high

This story starts with me accidentally getting something stuck in my ear.

[Pauses so that you can laugh at my expense.]

It’s just one of those things that…happens?  I guess.  Yes.  We’ll say that.  I got some fuzz stuck in my ear, and after a string of absurd attempts to remove it on my own, I realized that it wasn’t coming out on its own and called the doctor.

On a Friday afternoon.  Hoping to get in before the weekend.

My regular doctor wasn’t in, but after they heard the whole, “Uh…I’ve got something stuck in my ear?  And I’ve tried to get it out?  And…yeah, I’d love to see someone as soon as possible…” they scheduled me with another doctor at the office.

So I end up leaving work early to get some fuzz out of my ear.

[Yes, you can keep laughing at me.  I’m doing it as well.  Random stories like this are made for laughter.]

I sheepishly tell the story to a new nurse, and then to the incredibly, ridiculously good-looking male doctor who I was not at all prepared to look the fool in front of — yet I managed to attack The Awkward with EVEN MORE foolishness and decide to tell him all the various ways I have attempted to engineer this fuzz out of my ear.  The turkey baster is what finally forced him to laugh.

Thankfully, he had something smaller than a turkey baster, and was able to flush the fuzz out of my ear, at which point we shook hands and I ran for the exit.


After this spectacle, I gave myself some downtime.  I started driving aimlessly on country roads (one of my favorite things) and happened upon a park I’ve never known.

This park had a lake.  And a few small fishing piers.  And abundant sunshine.


I took full advantage.

Somehow, I knew I’d end up sitting somewhere, so I brought along my journal and this book – which will probably be getting a lot of play here, since I’ve only read the first two selections and have felt compelled to share from each of them – and I spent an hour soaking up the sun and some words from Joyce Huggett:

Christian meditation has nothing to do with emptying our minds…[it] engages every part of us – our mind, our emotions, our imagination, our creativity, and supremely, our will.

We meditate to give God’s word the opportunity to penetrate, not just our minds, but our emotions – the places where we hurt – and our will – the place where we make choices and decisions.

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