Oh. Wow.

You guys, I really don’t know what to do with myself.  Now that I have two websites, and I want to focus on adding awesome content to the other one since it represents my fledgling photography business, but I rarely get bit with the blogging bug (except when it’s WAY past my bedtime, ahem), this blog over here?  The musings?  Aren’t happening.

But, alas, I really love to have a place to be utterly random, and not to feel like I need to polish myself at all.  Because even though I know that the New Social Media Marketing Machine  is telling me that “my brand” = “me exactly”, I am still a person who likes to compartmentalize her social medias, and I’m still a person who feels like “business” = “don’t show up in your sweatpants (even if you happen to think they’re quite flattering)”, and what I’m doing right here and now is essentially hanging out with you in my sweatpants.

Just chillin’.  Past my bedtime, and I’m saying whatever random thing comes to my head.  Or, at least, I say it to myself, and then I ask myself whether it’s appropriate for public consumption, edit for content, and then edit again for clarity.  You would be amazed with the level of editing.  Which is probably why it’s so difficult to add polishing on top.  Which is why the New Social Media Marketing Machine is probably right about being myself.

Hello, people who want to pay me to take their pictures!  I am just as awkward as you are, which is why I will take pictures that display your awkwardness in pretty ways instead of attempting to cover up the awkward!

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