resolute (part 2)

This second resolution is more immediately painful than the last, though it probably won’t save as much money or require as much self-discipline over the course of the year.

I am canceling Netflix.


It’s fairly obvious that I would get more accomplished if I didn’t spend every evening parked in front of the television.  With Netflix, I have this absurd urge to watch as many discs as humanly possible – which explains why I’ll watch two movies in one night…or an entire year of a television series.

I’m not going to give up television, but if I have less incentive to watch it, I’ll be more likely to read through one of the twenty business or photography books I have purchased over the past year.

2 thoughts on “resolute (part 2)

  1. this is much more of an incentive for me not to get netflix…which i have definitely thought of getting more than once. ;)
    p.s. love your new pictures. as usual. :)
    p.p.s. your parents are awesome. and you can tell them i said that.

  2. So how’s the Netflix-free lifestyle working for you? Me, I’m still paying $14/month so I can keep around that Freaks and Geeks disc I’ve had since November (there are still two commentary tracks that I’m going to listen to! Really!)

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