resolute (part 1)

I was going to avoid making any resolutions this year, since I generally manage to break them within the first week of the new year.  Also, I was so overwhelmed with fun the last few days of 2008 that I couldn’t even catch my breath and review.

But now that I’m back to work (having quit vacation cold-turkey, which I do not recommend), I can see some areas which could benefit from a few changes.

The first came about when a friend sent me a few links to some JCrew sale items.  (How many other women do that, hoping that their friend can either help them justify the purchase or help talk them out of spending the money?)  I mentioned how, for the past few months, since I’ve been unsatisfied with my health/weight, JCrew has had absolutely no pull.  It’s like the worst form of self-control, but I am willing to see it as a blessing, because those impulse sale purchases have often done a number on my bank account.

And then I wondered what sort of damage I might do to my budget once I get in shape this year, even though the whole reason I want to lose weight is to that I can fit into all the clothes I already own. So, in honor of the extreme levels of optimism that exist in my head, I am wondering if I can get through 2009 without buying any new clothes.  Considering how much crap I already have in my closet, this shouldn’t really be difficult.  But considering how much I LOVE the act of shopping, it will be difficult.

YOU can help me out by considering me your very own personal shopper – I somehow love shopping so much that it doesn’t necessarily matter to me whether I’m the one buying things or not.

So, that’s my first absurd resolution.  There are very few things I suspect I’ll actually need this year (perhaps a new pair of running shoes, perhaps a new bra), and I will allow myself a bit of room for those things only.  If I can keep this resolution, I will have much more confidence in my self-discipline, something which I know needs to improve over the next few years.  For that alone, it will probably be worth it – saving money will only be an added bonus!

Stay tuned.  There are a few more bouncing in my head.  But I’m wordy, and want to spend some of my lunch break doing something other than staring at my computer screen.

2 thoughts on “resolute (part 1)

  1. You may shop for me, please.

    I need boots. Not the practical kind, I want the knee-high, looks cute w. skirts kinda winter boots.

    Go forth and find me a nice boot.

  2. mags, this is awesome. i too am hoping to improve my health this year in order to fit what abundance of clothes i already own. if there’s anything i can do to help you be accountable in any way, give me a shout out!


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