random thoughts

I just came back from the Messiah Sing-In, which is a whole auditorium full of Choir People.  (For those of you who have been in choir, or perhaps even theatre or band, you know how annoying that can be.)  I’m an alto – one of those people who will proudly, quietly, firmly sing her part…at least whenever she happens to know it…which I generally don’t.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Messiah sung in full, nor have I ever had to perform any of the pieces, so I don’t have any particular interest in singing it.  I’m only there for the choir director, who has been in charge of this event for 41 years, and who hums along to every song.  Even the instrumental pieces.  You’ll be listening to the THIRTY-TWO violins, and wondering what that odd-sounding instrument is, then you realize he’s just humming.  And then the sopranos will have a solo, and you can hear him humming along an octave lower.  He is precious.  If I wasn’t such an annoying Choir Person, I’d probably be happier sitting in the balcony, without a score, listening to him hum.

You know what stresses me out?  An empty blog.  Like this one. A perfect place for a post like yesterday’s, and about a dozen others representing the many many photo shoots I’ve done over the past few months for that exact purpose. I have such a fear of doing something wrong that I can’t even start.

Oh, wait, where is that paperweight I bought back in the fall?  The one that is supposed to be sitting in the middle of my desk for moments like this?


This one?


All the rest of the random thoughts have left the building.

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