radio silence

All day at work, I was trying to come up with random little things to talk about in a blog post tonight.

-I could talk about how I injured my throat playing childish games with my friends, with stick-figure illustrations of exactly what happened BECAUSE IT IS THAT STRANGE.  (And, a week and two days later, still hurts.)

-I could post pictures of leaves changing colors, and lament the significant lack of hiking that has happened this month.

-I could gush about the hilariously tacky halloween costume that I will be wearing in a few days.

-I could talk about, I don’t know, the WONDERFUL weekend I had at the beginning of the month, driving to Atlantic Beach and photographing a wedding.  Because that’s sort of a big deal, right?

-Also a big deal?  I have my own domain now.  No homepage yet, but I’m starting to brainstorm and sketch, and trying to figure out whether it’s going to be more of a headache to build something myself (which could take, let’s face it, years) or saving the money to hire a web designer (which could ALSO take years).

Of course, once the work day was finished with me, I’m only capable of posting a list of what COULD have been.

And this:

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