I’m not sleeping.

Perhaps I should blog.

Let’s all acknowledge that my idea of potentially posting every day was not realistic.  I don’t think anyone is terribly distraught by this.

Now it’s time for some random thoughts.

-My neighbors are having a fairly awesome party right now.  I think they’ve had some live music, which is always a plus.  And, fortunately, I haven’t recognized too many of the songs (once I recognize a song, I can’t stop listening until it’s over, and then I expect to know the next one – my brain gets totally pre-occupied with this game).

-I got a haircut this morning.  (cue visual aid)


-My last haircut was NOVEMBER 2007!  That was a long time ago.

-I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, which is three hours away.  The wedding starts at 11:00 am, and after I attempted to go to sleep the first time (FAIL!), I had a voicemail from one of the groomsmen advising me to leave a half hour EARLIER because of how difficult the directions are.  Meaning my bedtime should have been about two hours ago.  Heh.

-No more Fellowship of the Ring before bedtime.  That whole story is perhaps a bit too intense for such a purpose – every time I put down the book and turn off the light, I imagine the ring wraiths.

-Prepare to hear some funny story about how I had to change into my dress in an outhouse along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

That’ll do.  Hopefully I can go to sleep now.

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