someone needs to make a creepy animated gif with this picture and the one next to it since the lighting in my apartment won't improve, I'll figure out how to improve it in post-processing

I have tentatively decided to start another year of self-portraits, but have given myself permission to quit at any time if a) it becomes a chore, b) the photos become lame, or c) my flickr photostream is nothing but self-portraits.

There are a few things I hope to accomplish with this project.

-increasing my self-esteem (which, I know, anyone who blogs regularly and already takes quite a few self-portraits can’t be anything but narcissistic, but there are quite a few self-depreciating to the point of self-loathing thoughts that are floating around in my head since last winter, thoughts which either entered my head at that point or which had been hiding under the surface and finally found a voice, and one simple way to silence them is to take the time every day to find something that I like about myself, and to take a picture of it)

-challenging myself as a photographer (one of the main reasons I was AGAINST doing another year of self-portraits is the crappy lighting in my apartment, but I have since discovered a few methods of post-processing which give me much more control over the light tone, and I think it would be beneficial to hone this skill)

-forgetting the third thing (and anyone who knows me at all has some experience with my awful memory – documenting the year through daily pictures, and potential blog posts, is a great way to remember…yeah, that WAS the third thing)

So, you better get used to looking at me.

3 thoughts on “self

  1. yay!! I wondered if that was the case, and I am so happy it is! You are a delightful person in photos and in person, and I know I’m not the only one who will look forward to see you more often.

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