these are “mah KIN”



I spent the whole day with my grandparents.

-Driving to Staunton and picking them up at their “MOH-tel.”

-Using “Gram-PAW’s” handicap tag to park in all the best spaces.

-Eating lunch at the Depot (DPO), which is inside an old train station.  Grampa asked the waitress to bring him “a good hamburger.”  Gramma had the cobb salad.

-Wandering through historic downtown, window-shopping everywhere except the toy stores, where we had to buy dollhouse furniture for my cousins.  They are now on the mailing list to receive catalogs from this toy store, and I am now on call as their personal dollhouse shopper.

-Going to the “thee-AYE-ter” and seeing Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  At one point, Grampa dropped his walking stick – Gramma thinks he was too excited, but I think he fell asleep.

-Stopping for coffee (and banana bread) before driving them back.

-“Making” some pictures in the parking lot before I say good-bye.

It was delightful.

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