does the pressure to have a great birthday stress out anyone else?


It’s past my bedtime, if I’m supposed to have a bedtime on a Friday night which also happens to be my birthday, but I’m trying to figure out how I’m supposed to start documenting this potentially mind-blowing year.

This week has been stressful.  My co-worker will no longer be sitting in the office next to mine, mainly because she will be in Paris.

When I spoke with my mom today, she asked the same question she does every birthday: “Do you feel a year older?”  This time, I could offer some evidence: “I suddenly have the urge to meet with a financial planner and discuss retirement plans.”

2 thoughts on “does the pressure to have a great birthday stress out anyone else?

  1. You know, I always wanted a great birthday, and never got one, so I really lowered my expectations. Then last year I was clear with myself and my friends as to what I wanted, and it came together perfectly. If I never have a birthday come close to that again, it’s ok, because I had one perfect one.

  2. Expectations are great fun killer. It’s incredibly ironic that the BEST birthdays are the ones when you don’t expect anything.

    Last year i threw myself a part-tay on my birthday and it was nice, we played boardgames but HAVING a party ON my birthday was a great way to completely not have fun – even though I was pretty low key about it.

    And always take your birthday off. If it falls on a weekend, bookend it with another day. It’s a statuatory holiday and no.working cements the “It’s my birthday! yay!” type goodness of the day.

    Luf you sweets!
    Joce xoxo

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