Though I worked most of Labor Day – interviewing potential co-workers in the morning, sorority office hours in the evening – I am going to claim yesterday as my fabulous special vacation day.

Not only did I get to go apple-picking so early that the trees are practically dripping with fruit, but I got to hang out with my two-year-old boyfriend.

Who finally knows my name.

apple juice

Picture those chubby cheeks saying “Come here, Maggie,” then handing me a half-chewed bite of one of the apples we shouldn’t have picked.  (Only two varieties are ripe.)

picking up rocks

We stopped to touch the tractors, and then to collect some rocks.

putting rocks in his pocket

As he put the rocks in his pocket, I checked out the rest of the view…


<double sigh>

holding his pocket

Take note of how attentive and careful he continued to be with his pocket full of rocks.

already in season

I am eating one of these right now.  <sigh>

my favorite kid

<double sigh>

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