I’ve always held in my mind that 27 is a significant age.

In light of that, and the fact that I am finally reaching that age, I’m going to make some commitments to myself for this next year of my life.  And I want to document this year, in hopes that it really does turn out to be significant, so that I can look back and enjoy every moment of being 27.

One of the first commitments I’m making is to pay attention to my health again.  As I told a friend the other day, I am 5 (erm, 3) pounds away from my “oh crap” weight – you know, the weight that you never expect to reach, the weight that changes the way you view yourself and your body, and the weight that, if ever reached, means you need to put your health in some responsible hands since you have proven yourself irresponsible.  Beginning the 12th (my birthday), I’m going to start going to the gym in the morning – as regularly as I can.  I’m going to set up some gym incentive programs, starting with  a one-week incentive and perhaps maintaining the weekly incentive until I am motivated enough to go on my own.  (The incentive will be a session at the local massage school – expensive enough to be a treat but affordable enough to maintain.)  I am (gulp) going to drink more water and less of everything else – says the girl who has coffee, soda, and beer on an almost daily basis.

I am going to plan more hikes.  Especially since my birthday gift is a wide angle lens.

Commitment two?  Continue dreaming about, and begin to act upon, my goal to become a full-time professional photographer within five years.  I have a stack of books to read (about both business and photography) and already know the first few action steps in this plan, so I have to start moving forward.  (Step 0 is actually to talk about it with people – stating my goal out loud is both terrifying and invigorating.)

There might be more commitments, but I either haven’t thought of them yet or am choosing not to share them publicly.  Also, if this list becomes too long, I’ll be overwhelmed and give up before I start.  That can’t happen this year.  I’m going to be 27, and it’s going to be a significant age.

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