E’s Bridals

Since more than ten days have passed, and one of our mutual friends specifically requested to see the pictures, I’m going to quickly post some of the bridal portraits I took a few weeks ago.

I am only going to ask that you don’t get TOTALLY jealous of how fabulous and beautiful she is. Mild jealousy is acceptable, but no fits of rage, okay?

It is unfair that I have such hot friends.

Conveniently, I live just a block away from the Rotunda, so she came over to my place to get ready. I was able to some personal styling (like, for instance, helping her decide on the placement of the brooch) and also helped do her hair – though, to be honest, when E came into my front door from a long day at work, she was already gorgeous, so I can’t take ANY credit.

This was the first time that E had put on everything together (the dress, the shoes, the veil, the jewelry) and she said that, finally, after months of planning this wedding, the reality set in that she was getting married!

getting married

You can see that joy in her eyes, can’t you?

since I can't help carry your dress, I'll take a picture instead

I’m so glad you thought of me to take your portraits, E, and I can’t wait to hear all about the wedding!

3 thoughts on “E’s Bridals

  1. So cool! I especially love that first one and third one! She is a beautiful bride and I’m loving that dress too! I love how candid these seem…you can see the joy in her and how happy she is to be getting married! I love that about these pictures. They aren’t all stuffy and formal…they are REAL. love that.

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