I’m sure I left it somewhere…

My brain has gone on vacation, and this is quite the inconvenient time for it to be out-of-office replying.

Like, for instance, today I’m at the water cooler in our main office and someone asks for something.  I say, “As soon as I fill this water bottle…this water cup…this cup, I will get that piece of information for you.”  I fill the cup, walk back to my office, and can’t for the life of me remember what it is the person needed.

And then, just now, I changed out of my pajamas back into my work clothes, put on my shoes, and was about to grab my purse for a trip to Target when I thought it might be a good idea to make a grocery list.  I sit down, find a piece of paper, and ALL I can think to put on the list is “salt and pepper.”  A whole trip to Target for salt and pepper?  That seems a bit excessive.  Can I remember anything else that motivated me to put on non-stretchy pants?  Maybe a bookshelf, my brain replies.  Do I need a bookshelf?  Not really, says the brain, but you sort of want one.  Just a little.

Perhaps I’ll stay home.

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