I have such good-looking friends.

Just this evening, I had the opportunity to take some last-minute bridal portraits for one of my friends to send to her hometown newspaper. Since she doesn’t get married for ten days, I can’t post any of those pictures yet, but I was just blown away by how gorgeous she looks in every one of those shots.  And I have thought the same thing multiple times this summer, as other friends have been gracious enough to let me tag along and document the hours leading up to their wedding ceremonies.

So far, I’ve only been able to attend and photograph one wedding for strangers (as an assistant for a professional), and my biggest fear leading up to the event was that I wouldn’t care.  That, without being invested in someone as family or friend, I wouldn’t be able to experience or capture the bride’s beauty or the family’s joy.

I shouldn’t have worried.  Being in close proximity to a bride, her family, and her closest friends in those early hours of the day, the anticipation and delight is contagious.  By the time the groom and his men arrived for the ceremony, I was more invested in their marriage than I thought possible.  Even thinking of them now, I can’t help but smile and send my prayers and warm wishes.

I have always held the belief that every bride is the most beautiful bride ever, and that such an illogical statement can be true because of divine intervention – God cares about brides and grooms and families and commitment and love.  And it is always an honor and delight to be present for such an event, whether as a guest or as a photographer.

(…And then I lose my words. Seriously, I get choked up just thinking about weddings…)

Hopefully, as I pursue my goal of becoming a professional photographer, I’ll discover that all of my clients become friends.  And that every last one of them is ridiculously good-looking.

3 thoughts on “I have such good-looking friends.

  1. I always wonder how a wedding photographer does it and I think you are right, once in the mix of such intense feelings you can’t help but feel it too. Your photographs are beautiful and I know that you will reach your goal.

  2. Hey! :) Thanks so much for your comment today! You are right, Mia is practically ready to move out!! ;) She is growing so fast it seems. She turns 5 next month and that seems unreal to me!

    Anyway, I’m anxious to see these bridal photos!!! After her wedding are you going to post some?! I’m not sure that I knew you wanted to be a pro photographer, but by looking through your photographs I *KNOW* you can achieve that! You have the most creative eye! I love looking through your work and hope that you will start posting more “client” type stuff on the blog for me to see! :)

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