Books are fun!

Did anyone else have a reading incentive program in elementary school?  Where you’d get a coupon for a free personal pizza if you read 10 books, and classrooms that met a certain goal had a PIZZA PARTY at the end of the year!?

Those sure were fun, especially because I LOVE to read!

That’s what I thought of when I put in that title.  Coming up with titles for things is ridiculously tough for me – which is why my blog is currently header-less.  And also why my “About Me” section is so meager.  Honestly, I have a hard time summarizing ANYTHING, so refining myself into a few sentences (or even paragraphs) is just absurd.  If anyone wants to write something for the “About Me” page, or for my Flickr profile, I’ll send you a print of your photo of choice if it meets my rigorous standards.

who ya gonna call?

I’m on the verge of challenging myself to blog daily, which would be quite the project considering I average two posts a month so far this year.  There are a lot of other things which I must also become motivated to accomplish, and blogging will at least help me overcome my recently-acquired fear of communicating and/or putting myself on display for the general public to accept or reject.

Photo posts would be acceptable in my daily blogging challenge, and (if you didn’t notice already) the content doesn’t even have to relate to the photos.  I’m apparently lazy like that.


Since I didn’t go to the gym after work today, or go for a walk downtown like I told myself I could do instead (the store I wanted to visit closed at 6, but I had to charge my cell phone AND eat some food before the journey), I went to Alderman Library and took some pictures of the stacks.

Which are in the basement.

And then I walked all the way up to the fifth floor before leaving.

You’re so proud, aren’t you?

I love the stacks, especially because so many of the bindings are brightly colored.  My little game is to take a picture of every color of the rainbow.  I always forget about the game once I make it past the first row of books.

One of these days, I will actually remove books from the shelves, one of each color, and stack them and play with them and take their pretty picture.

And not put them back.

2 thoughts on “Books are fun!

  1. hi again!
    first of all, books ARE fun!
    second of all, that would be a big challenge indeed, but it seems like there’s a lot you have to say.
    and heck, if you’re stuck, you can talk about books! :)

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