I’m noticing a theme.

Occasionally, a movie arrives from my Netflix queue which is intentionally ignored.  For weeks at a time, while I burn through television seasons, action movies, and chick flicks, this one movie will be overlooked – nearly avoided.

I like to call them serious movies.  Though, another good name would be movies that make me feel things.

Bella is the most recent incarnation of that movie, and I am somewhat stunned after watching it.  It was the most simple and most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen.

Someone once recommended playing surfer documentaries in the background of a party to set the mood, and I have always kept that in my mind as a simple way to be ridiculously cool.  I think, if I ever through a party and want to be ridiculously sophisticated, I will play Bella in the background.  Though, it might be sort of strange if I start crying about 75 minutes into the party.

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