everything and nothing

I am still shocked and frustrated by how much the winter depression has affected my life. It’s almost like I have to re-learn how to be myself, from forcing myself to leave the house (because I LOVE being outside but spent so many months in isolation) to figuring out how to share my thoughts again.

Thankfully, I am learning how to view this in a positive light – since I already have to evaluate my thoughts and actions (Is this something I would have done a year ago or just a habit I acquired during the winter?), it’s a great time to change or improve old habits.

It’s crazy, though, how quickly habits form. I am prone to extremes, so it should be no surprise that I had a static view of self. Hopefully, after this year becomes a fuzzy memory, I will remember that it’s possible to be dynamic.

(The title of this post represents all the things I want to say, and what actually comes out.)

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