I meant to open Twitter

Perhaps my blog is saying something to me. This story can go either place, and there are at least two more people reading my blog, it seems.

I love conversation hearts.

No, I mean, I LOVE them. BIG LOVE.

However, I don’t allow myself to buy them until after Valentine’s Day. And I only let myself buy them once. You know why? Because once I start eating them, I literally can not stop.

I just opened my last package, and currently have a bowl of hearts sitting in my living room. [insert picture here] It will be gone by the end of the weekend, if not by the end of the day. My method of eating them, which I find to be quite brilliant, is that I eat one color at a time, starting with my least favorite. This way, I don’t end up with a collection of unfavorable colors which I either throw away or force myself to eat — instead, the consumption of conversation hearts ONLY GROWS MORE PLEASURABLE.

There are probably some life parallels in all this. I should write them down to tell my counselor, once I acquire one. Or, on the chance that I fail to ever schedule an appointment (somehow that first step is the hardest, and I am more aware of my need for counseling in my unwillingness to initiate counseling), I will share them with y’all one day.

6 thoughts on “I meant to open Twitter

  1. You are adorable – Reason#53 why I adopted you as my little sister.

    I do the same thing (although I have no idea what Conversation Hearts are? At first I thought it to be a strange facebook reference like “poking”) except with jelly beans and easter eggs. I have an “ugly” holocast and eat all my least favourite colours, first, then I’m left with a beautiful bowl of candy to enjoy until I 5…4…3..2..1 finish them off too. :)

  2. Dude, I do that with ALL my food. My friend Jes and I will strategically reorganize our sushi so that we 1) know how many we’re each due and 2) set it up so that our last bite is of our favorite. When I’m eating fruit–something like raspberries or blueberries–and there’s a chance of a sour or not perfect one, when I get down to the last handful, I start taking a bite out of them–if one is perfectly sweet, I set the rest of it to the side so that that second bite is my last taste of the bunch.

    Conversation Hearts, though, have no effect on me. Joce, how can you not know these chalky annual wonders??

  3. I do this too! I always eat the worst/lamest ones first. If I can, I’ll count/line them up and eat until they’re equal, and then I eat the others and save the better ones for the end.

  4. You have a twitter account?

    You should think about pownce.com instead. You can feed your flickr straight into it I believe. Regardless, it’s way cooler than Twitter, IMO.

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