Why I don’t leave the house anymore.

Every time I leave the house, I spend money.

This may not be *entirely* true, but during the cold, depressed, introverted months of winter (which needs to end, pronto) that is yet another excuse for the hours that I spend alone in my apartment.

Today, it was GORGEOUS outside, and I decided to go for a walk! I brought my camera! With exercise and artistic pursuits, I would be far too busy to spend any money, right?

But then I walked into a fabric shop.

They’re having a sale right now, and I had already been in there THREE TIMES this year and not bought anything. I was just invited to a wedding in April, and I have been really good about not buying anything frivolous (this sweatshirt, the one I have worn for the past five days straight, was *not* a frivolous purchase), so as I wandered the rooms full of fabric, I set my mind on a new dress.

There were some beautiful polyester fabrics in coral and peacock that I had noticed every visit, but they still didn’t wow me.

.story time.

Then, this purple silk doupioni was so shockingly gorgeous that it practically bit me. I checked the tag, calculated the sale price, and cautiously set it near one of the cutting tables, knowing that it would be a bit pricey but also knowing that I would be unlikely to find something which I love as much.

Fast forward thirty minutes, and the sweet sales lady had cut three yards and was helping me daydream about all the beautiful ways I could style a dress out of this fabric. I watched her hand-write the receipt, working out the numbers with her calculator.

“That’ll be $72.29.”

(Gulp.) “Wasn’t this fabric discounted?”

“Nope. The red dot means it’s [insert words which mean nothing to me, because I am so shocked about the lack of a discount]. Will you be paying with a credit card?”

(Gulp.) “Uh-huh.”

Thankfully, she had to leave the room to process the credit card, so I had a moment to re-compose, and to convince myself that this fabric is still ridiculously gorgeous, and that I will probably love it forever. Of course, my heart rate, which was already a bit increased by the challenging prospect of sewing something beautiful from natural silk, was even more increased when the natural silk cost twice as much as anticipated.

Immediately, I called my mom and told her about my “Adventure!” Handling it like a champ, she didn’t give me a tough time at all — she simply expressed her surprise that the woman did not confirm the price before cutting the fabric and then encouraged me to talk about my exciting plans for the dress.

So, um, y’all? When you see me in this dress? Once I’ve finally picked a pattern, made a test garment, bought the lining and notions and, um, SEWN the thing? Will you please tell me that I look like at *least* a million bucks?

It'll look something like this, except way fiercer.

8 thoughts on “Why I don’t leave the house anymore.

  1. i wish i could do what you do — that fabric is gorgeous, and once you’ve fashioned it into your dream dress, will be worth much more than the $75 you spent on it!

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