more happenings

Since Minty commented on the last post, I am feeling sufficiently encouraged that SOMEONE is here…so I will continue the story.

(I know, I know, a girl can’t abandon her blog for months and expect people to still be paying attention.)

Sunday morning, we slept in. It was glorious. I woke up and showered and took some pictures around the apartment before Minty’s alarm clock even went off.

This was in her apartment.

Then, after some leisurely coffee, we went out for brunch, to a place which was beautiful and delicious, and we had a delightful time…but I’m not going to post any pictures or say anything more because about 16 hours later I got some fierce food poisoning, and since that’s the only real food I ate (and didn’t share) from this point on it basically has to be the culprit.

It was still awesome, though. And after breaking my not-throwing-up streak (the last time had been some dry heaving at a 7th grade cross-country meet), I’ve made peace with my stomach.

On to happier things, like Central Park!

hello city

Hello park! Hello city!

As I was taking this picture:


they were doing this:

I wondered what they were up to.

which led to this:

This is totally blowing your mind right now.

Go ahead. Take a moment. I’ll wait.

I made the brilliant discovery that I could bracket the exposure of my shots, leading to three consecutive shots each time I used the remote timer. Then I re-adjusted the exposures in post-processing so they were similar. Every single one of these shots make me laugh. It was absurdly fun, especially when people started staring.

These next photos are some of my favorites from the trip, and I hope to frame them together at some point.

All good things must come to an end, and after the walk through the park we grabbed my things and went to chinatown to find the bus, which is another part of the trip I will just not discuss because it was a bit stressful with all the people and all the food and all the belts and watches and purses and the bus which nobody would tell me was actually our bus and…yeah.

But, in the end, the two things I had been fearing (that we wouldn’t find the bus back to Virginia and that my car would be gone when we returned at midnight) ended up just fine, and it was such a fun and short trip that I’m ready to go back any time!

Perhaps Spring Break (Day).

3 thoughts on “more happenings

  1. so sorry to hear about the food poisoning and the chinatown stress. i had so much fun hanging out with you guys! those jumping pics are the best.

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