First, I would like to humbly mention that I’ve broken nearly all of my resolutions. The ones I’ve managed to (mostly) keep, I’m not really going to talk about because I don’t want any of you to bring it up again in a month.

But hey! How about I report on some of the exciting things which have happened so far in 2008?

Like that weekend I spent in New York City?

we scared away this adorable couple

This here sums up all the reasons I went: to see this deliriously colorful art piece at the Met, and to visit mintyfreshflavor and susiejulie from flickr. My expectations were exceeded, especially by Minty, who welcomed me into her apartment, joked about how crazy it is to invite a stranger to visit and that she told some co-workers and friends who I was in case her body was found in a river, finally told me what she does for a living, and then we spent the next hour talking about Deeper Things, which was all so perfect and awesome.

We met Julie on the steps of the Met, just like S & B would have done.

gossip girl

And then there was a lot of museum-ing. Seriously. We wandered from one corner to the extreme opposite, then back again, all the while taking hundreds of pictures and not feeling even the least bit strange. It was awesome.

THEN we went to Soho.

city park construction bokeh

Which isn’t always fenced in like this (and, technically, we might not *be* in soho yet).


big | coloury

Death by fiber.

so. much. yarn.

In Purl Soho.


I need to catch my breath.

Ahem. Minty assisted me in choosing my next knitting project — my very first three dimensional knitting project, which is very exciting.

Then we went to a bar to knit, which was fiercely entertaining for our waiter. (We also had beer and cheese fries.)

Then we stood in the nearly-freezing rain to see the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, though some doofus in the crowd decided that “naked” should be the starting point for all their improv scenes, which didn’t leave them much room to devolve.

big city bokeh

Then things get fuzzy, because I was so cold and so tired (I forgot to mention that I traveled to the city on a chinatown bus which left Virginia at 1am), but there were sweatpants and sushi and a futon…and a movie with Michael Keaton which may or may not have been Beetlejuice. Or Batman.

We’ll stop there, after the first day, because then maybe I’ll come back and finish the story soon.

(Also, it’s way past my 2008 bedtime.)

3 thoughts on “happenings

  1. You are correct, the fence is not exactly in SoHo yet–that’s in the Village (it’s Washington Square). Oh, I love reliving that weekend, which was perfect, perfect, perfect.

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