There are a lot of words bouncing around in this head.

The first one being, ‘It’s past my 2008 bedtime.’

Followed quickly by, ‘Where has the time gone?’


I have a string of resolutions for 2008, some which are firm and others which are a bit more loose.

Many of them are simple commitments which will exponentially improve my quality of life — such as creating an exercise schedule (the first attempt includes waking up early and kick-starting my day with some cardio, and I blame the second-morning-sleepover-hangover for my initial failure), reading through the Bible and praying daily (when this is neglected, I become unstable…which is how I would describe the past few months), and re-igniting my burning love for fruits and vegetables.

There is also the creative resolution, to take at least one photo each day with my DSLR. The aim is for it to be one photo which I am fiercely proud of, but some days it might be enough to just pick it up and focus. I am tentatively starting the self-portrait project again, but I am not making a firm commitment — perhaps blogging will become the new self-portrait…either way, I enjoyed documenting my daily life and finding beauty and fun in the details and events that regularly occur. Portraits are much more condensed than blogs, especially considering my tendency to ramble, and I can be much more honest with an expression than I would ever be with the written word (particularly on those unstable days). A picture really is worth a thousand words to me.

Like this one, which sums up our New Years Party better than I could even try.

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