14 books finished in 2017: An Acceptable Time

14 books finished in 2017

Made it through to the
final book in this series!
I might like it best.

Awww. Maybe I’m just used to L’Engle throwing characters back in time as a plot device? Maybe my heart is softened to the idea of soulmates (which seem to come up again). Maybe I am just thankful that there was FINALLY a flawed character who created deep conflict and had to live with the consequences of his actions? Yeah, that’s definitely what I loved most about this in comparison to the others. Also, I loved that I was tricked into fondness toward the character that turned out to be awful! Complex characterizations! Woo hoo! (I have no idea what I’m going to read before bed now.)

12 books finished in 2017: Many Waters

12 books finished in 2017

these books are getting
creepier as they progress
but still good reading

HA! That haiku! I’ve been keeping my books finished list on Google Keep, and create haikus while I’m waiting in line various places, so I’m unsure when I came up with that. But it’s accurate.

This story sends Meg’s twin brothers back in time to right before the flood. They live with Noah’s family. They are seduced by quasi-angels. (?) There is a lot of imaginative interpretation of confusing references in Genesis.

10 books finished in 2017: Swing Time

10 books finished in 2017

our narrator is:
-shaped/scarred by childhood friendships
-learning to be real

Audiobook season! I downloaded a few VERY LONG audiobooks to keep me entertained while I was painting and doing projects in the new house. This is the first!

I enjoyed it, but didn’t love it as much as I was expecting to. My expectations for Zadie Smith might have been unreasonably high – this is my first book of hers to read.