6 books finished in 2017: A Wrinkle in Time

6 books finished in 2017

Someone recommended this book after The Silver Chair (thank you), and I realized that I’d never read the books that come after! These were a PERFECT pairing with the home-buying process, as they’d calm my brain in preparation for sleep each night. (Or, if I woke up in the middle of the night with house thoughts, I could easily return to this story with limited mental acuity.)

Also, the last time I’d read this as an adult, I was pretty angry about Meg and Calvin and the soulmate-ness of their relationship. I still find that to be odd, but I was able to get over it and focus on other aspects of the story this time. (Update: it was actually the second book in the series that led to such a rant, which explains why I’d not continued reading last time!)

I think my main problem with these books is that they are so much less dense/deep than her non-fiction. She shares so much of her heart  and her life through essays, and these books do not capture any of that for me. Le sigh.

a few photos of my home

I took these photos on the 13th and 14th of March. I was holding them to post a few on instagram first. And then I was holding them because, “That’s not how my living room looks anymore! I’ve re-arranged things.” But I realize that my photos will NEVER be more than just a documentation of one fleeting moment in my home, so here are a few fleeting moments from mid-March.













I love the differences between night and day captured in those last four photos. More fleeting moments to be shared in the future.

5 books finished in 2017: Silence

5 books finished in 2017

a simple study.
how the believer proceeds
when God is silent

This book was slow and quiet, a little boring, and it never really picked up the pace. Only after finishing the story, and reflecting, do you get the opportunity to observe what happened and realize how rich it was. I’m told the movie provides the same experience.