21 books finished in 2014: Silas Marner

21  books finished in 2014

George Eliot, crushing it again!

This book isn’t nearly as long as Middlemarch, but I loved being able to draw connections between the two.

Again, her advice about not marrying an idiot seems to hold up, though the consequences aren’t drawn out quite so painfully.

Again, the plot was held for the second half (even the final quarter), which created a sense of anticipation and character development that I didn’t expect in such a small book.

I loved the story. I loved the characters. I loved the author’s wry observations. At this point, I’m going to need to read all of Eliot’s novels.

post-vacation sewing

I’ve been slowly hoarding crazy print fabrics, waiting for the moment when my sewing wishes and fashion trends made them a feasible option.

That must be now!


First up, the obvious (for me) winner in this competition. It’s bold and summery, and feels both on-trend and (hopefully) timeless.

The fabric is a cotton pique, that has an interesting weight/texture. The colors are flattering, and the floral is the right amount of whimsical and graphic. I re-used the pink-peony hybrid pattern which was so successful in an orange check. The only adjustments: lowered the shoulders on the pattern a bit, and added a bit more width/gathering on the waist of the skirt.


Here’s my third Lady Skater Dress – sleeveless and with a print! This fabric is SLICK (it could probably be a bathing suit), and I had an awful time sewing it, and I think the bodice is a bit too long, and I don’t love the sleeveless option as much as I thought I would. But for a hot and humid day, it’ll work!

(I might be tired of sewing with knits for a while, and instead wanting to tackle a few more interesting sewing/design features with wovens.)


This dress is veering into near-miss territory. The fabric is a stretch poplin that came in a free fabric grab-bag. I love the floral design, and these colors technically work, but it somehow feels too “girly” for me, which is one reason I’ve avoided florals in the past.

Also, I did NOT pre-shrink this fabric and it DEFINITELY got shorter/tighter in the wash. (Such an easy mistake to avoid…) Though, even if it fit as loose as I’d hoped, I think this pattern (most recently the Scarlet Letter Dress)¬†works best with longer sleeves and cold-weather layering.

I might separate the pieces and try mixing them in other ways. (Maybe something solid closer to my face…) Or I might throw it in my consignment pile and see what happens.