The infinite list: Fall 2014 version

You may have missed this article in the last post – reasonably, because there were SO MANY THINGS. Take a moment to read it, or just know that it’s chewing on the concept of to-do lists being infinite, and the freedom that can come with acknowledging that. Personally, I’m still in the “holy cow that list is infinite how in the world am I going to function” zone when I think about the infinite list.

Which brings me to my Fall Sewing Wishlist. Unfortunately, I’ve been adding to this baby since spring (I can’t sew with flannel when the weather is warm), and at this point it’s grown into an incredibly ambitious list.

Intimidating Things:

1. Archer Button-Up Shirt. Ooh, child, I just did some searching and it turns out I bought this pattern LAST DECEMBER so my spring/flannel excuse is entirely useless. If I’m being honest, I’m completely intimidated by this pattern. Plackets! Collars! Multiple buttons and buttonholes that will line up? POCKETS!?

BUT I am sick of trying on RTW button-up shirts and hating how poorly they fit my body. I have been hoarding beautiful flannels, dreaming of the day I can wear them around campfires. Also, I suspect that the high of tackling and conquering all of these scary aspects of the shirt will last for at least a year.

2. Undergarments. I know. This is insanity. But do you know what else is insanity? Buying bras. Either when you try on eleventy billion in a department store and can’t find a single one that actually fits OR when you go to a fancy boutique where someone hangs out with you in the fitting room and brings perfectly selected bras with pricetags too heinous to mention.

So I’m going to slowly test some lingerie patterns, and build a custom fit for myself, and then whenever I need a new bra it’ll be a matter of purchasing less than a yard of fabric and a few notions and sitting down to assemble. That’s the end goal.

(Also I need to just buy some silky fabric and make a few pairs of tap pants (the slip that’s actually a pair of shorts) because apparently NOBODY MAKES THOSE ANYMORE THEY JUST FORCE YOU TO BUY SPANX.)

Less-Intimidating Things:

3. Another pair of leggings. This time in a crazy print. (How do we feel about zebra stripes?)

4. More plantain tees. Do you see the way I’m slowly eliminating all excuses to buy things in stores? I have a lovely bright green fabric that’s calling my name. It’ll probably become a t-shirt this weekend.

5. A crazy-patterned cardigan. This will be another plantain/wrap hybrid like I made during Me Made May. That cardigan traveled with me to Europe – where it kept me warm on planes and acted as the perfect layering piece during transitional weather. Basically, I want something a bit kicky to wear with boring basics. Which brings me to…

6. Boring basic work dresses. I haven’t made any dresses in black or gray or navy in years, so it’s time to make a few staple dresses. They’re probably going to be the exact same pattern – my favorite hybrid dress – and I’m going to wear them to pieces!

7. One more Lady Skater. I already have two, but one of them is red and the material is shiny so I rarely put it on, and the other one is the first dress I wear after laundry day. I think this one will be navy.

“Oh hey! I must make you!” Things:

8. Anna Dress! I am getting this and the Georgia for my birthday – the physical patterns instead of PDFs! It won’t be long before I sew one. Probably in this fabric, which is already in my stash.

THE END (for now)

Odds are good that I knock out 3-7 on this list in the next few weekends. Hopefully I can use some of that momentum to get to work on my first Archer!

I made this for you!

It’s been a heavy couple of weeks, hasn’t it?

(I’ve been putting this off, waiting for the moment when there’s resolution or momentum in a forward direction or when we’ve all figured out how to get along…but it turns out that sort of moment isn’t going to happen after a couple of days. Do we even know if it could happen in our lifetime? Either way, let’s delve in.)

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24 books finished in 2014: Why Moms are Weird

24 book finished in 2014

I picked this up immediately after finishing the last book (the book that will not be named), because I was unsatisfied and unentertained and needed something engaging.

This book is total chick lit, and I finished it in three hours. In the middle of the night.

Every character had a dramatic story arc. Every character was faced with a problem/crisis that they had to either adapt to or grow through. There were at least two men in supporting-character roles that expressed more emotional maturity than 90% of the people I know. Slightly unrealistic, but very entertaining! This book was the perfect palate cleanser!